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Tank Trucks

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We excel at difficult tank truck repair and fabrication problems for tank trucks.  We offer complete service capabilities for aluminum and stainless steel tank trucks from leak repair to complete wreck rebuilding.


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Seneca Tank is a full service supplier of Tank Truck equipment and new and used petroleum Tank Trucks, and transports. Our tank trucks are repaired and serviced by ASME certified mechanics.  We have a DOT service facility supported with a million-dollar parts inventory.


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Here are some of the features of our trucks:

  1. Small outriggers

  2. Pillowing in tank at support rails (top and bottom)

  3. Only one outrigger and one cross member per double bulkhead

  4. Seneca Tank uses an "Almac Design" to achieve the best foundational support of the tank.

  5. One (1) outrigger per bulkhead

  6. One (1) cross member per bulkhead

  7. Continuous pad between tank and outriggers and cross members

  8. Seneca Tank uses an "Almac Design" with 1/4" continuous head flange or saddle, at both ends of tank.

  9. Other Manufactures uses a non-continuous head saddle. This design is prone to cracking

  10. Seneca Tank fully supports the belly of the tank with a continuous 1/4" thick pad on top of each cross member, and each head

  11. Two extruded 10.5" beams full length of tank

  12. Two neoprene pads full length of tank

  13. Seneca Tank's one piece door hinges up to provide a clear work area (bolted or welded onto tank)

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Tank Model and Size:  Seneca Tank “FuelMaster”  Model LP50A, 5000 gallon, 4 compartment, compartment sizes (2000-1000-1000-1000), aluminum construction, all double bulkheads, Knappco 16” manholes with offset 10” fills, non-skirted elliptical design tank, (2) ladders both side rear with full width platform between ladders, enclosed rear bucket box with canopy style rear door and side hose reel doors,

C springs on hose reel doors, stainless steel hinges on all doors, (1) 84” aluminum weld on cabinet installed each side, (1) 6” hose tube installed streetside, 3” “T” type emergency valves with 3” aluminuml piping to the curbside cabinet with 4” flanges for future API installation, 3” aluminum piping to the rear for dry break installation, nozzle holders in bumper, 2” permanent suction/discharge lines, rear bucket box modified for air lift axle installation, Betts lights, tank MC-406.  5 year tank warranty.

Frame   .385 (3/8”) x 10” x tank length extruded sub-frame, full length with Ό” pad between frame rail and barrel 

Outriggers  Ό” Outriggers with Ό” pad between outriggers and barrel at every head and baffle 

Crossmembers  Ό” Crossmembers with Ό” pad between crossmembers and barrel at every head and baffle.



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