Happy Easter from Our Family to Yours!

We wish you a very blessed Easter Sunday!

As we celebrate Easter we look forward to the reminder of an empty tomb and the promises that are in store for all who trust in Jesus Christ. We look forward to time with our families, time with our church community, and traditions of reflection surrounding the sacrifice that was made to redeem our lives. In that light we hope you can reflect on the fact that the redemption and restoration that comes from faith in Jesus Christ doesn’t just occur at the “pearly gates” but transcends space, time, and every other human understanding to exist right here, right now, in our lives today. God our Redeemer is faithful to revive anything, at any time to fulfill his purposes. He revives relationships, marriages, businesses, health, anything that is brought before his throne. Through him anything is truly possible. He’s already won the battles we face, as long as we face them with him and through him. We celebrate not only the forgiveness of our sins but the power of the empty tomb that is at work within our lives today (Ephesians 1:19-21)…he has the power to win every battle, whatever headwinds we are facing!

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