• Bulk Lubricants Tank Styles

    When looking for efficient methods to deliver bulk lubricants we, have multiple options available. Seneca Tank specializes in bulk tankers including bucket box, barrel boot and enclosed barrel boot tank styles. Many Seneca Tank customers delivering lubricants and motor oils also have the need to carry dry goods, boxed oil, barrels, and product totes, making the barrel boot option an efficient choice. Barrel boot configurations include optional suction from product totes being carried in the boot to maximize the vehicle product range.

  • High Performance Bulk Lubricant Delivery

    A 30% average increase in GPM can be attained by utilizing key concepts and extracting limiting components. Eliminating all flow restrictors will create the greatest yield. For example, a unit with 2” piping should not have any points along the system with less than a 2” threshold (fittings, adapters, pumps, presets). Pump location also plays a part in increasing GPM. By locating the pump close to the meter and hose reel, product flow distance is reduced, allowing for faster pumping. Pump size, hose size, hose length and nozzle size also impact product flow.
  • ST4500 - Configurable Model

    The workhorse of the ST family, our 4500 gallon model is the most customizable capacity offered. It is available in 4, 5, and 8 compartment configurations with optional dry break or manifold and bottom load, along with tandem and tandem + pusher layouts. Seneca Tank’s integrated systems and uniform fundamental design allows for fleet consistency with customization to handle the majority of fueling needs. 


      • Fall Protection

        Seneca Tank is a proud partner of TRAM Systems. For more information call us at 515-262-5900 to discuss fall protection for new or existing equipment. Installations are available on tank mounts and tank trailers hauling fuels, lubricants, bulk oils, chemicals, food grade products and more. 

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