• High Speed Center Hose Reel

    The Seneca Tank high speed center hose reel is a versatile option for bulk deliveries. The diverter valve is DOT approved and utilizes the curbside pump and meter to redirect flow from the curbside hose reel to the center hose reel to increase the GPM. Using the center hose reel provides an efficient method for direct pump off during bulk deliveries. It avoids the problems created by connections and the difficulties of hose tube storage. The most common spec is 2” x 40’ with a 2” manual nozzle.
  • Direct Pump Off

    Bypassing the hose reel and diverting to a direct pump off can greatly improve the GPM of the system and minimize on-site time. The direct pump off is plumbed after the meter and utilizes DOT approved diverter valves to redirect the flow running through the pump and meter from the hose reel to a bayonet dry disconnect adapter. Added either curbside or streetside, the direct pump off is connected via drop hoses to the delivery location.
  • High/Low Flow

    A single delivery route can consist of large deliveries, smaller tank fills and vehicle top offs. High/low flow rates will allow for flexibility in delivery. To create a high flow, it is necessary to add pressure to the pump or increase the engine RPM. It is engaged with a push/pull switch on the control panel. Low flow is considered the baseline flow of the truck. Pairing either option with a center hose reel will give a single system four distinct speed options: delivery hose high and low, center hose high and low. Multiple flow rates allow for added capabilities with a single truck.
  • ST4500 - Configurable Model

    The workhorse of the ST family, our 4500 gallon model is the most customizable capacity offered. It is available in 4, 5, and 8 compartment configurations with optional dry break or manifold and bottom load, along with tandem and tandem + pusher layouts. Seneca Tank’s integrated systems and uniform fundamental design allows for fleet consistency with customization to handle the majority of fueling needs. 

  • ST5800 - Configurable Model

    The heavy hauler of the straight trucks in the ST series, with specs and quality manufacturing to outrun and out haul the competition. Seneca Tank’s integrated systems and uniform fundamental design means the ST5800 is built on the blueprint of lowest delivered cost per gallon. 


      • Fall Protection

        Seneca Tank is a proud partner of TRAM Systems. For more information call us at 515-262-5900 to discuss fall protection for new or existing equipment. Installations are available on tank mounts and tank trailers hauling fuels, lubricants, bulk oils, chemicals, food grade products and more. 

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