TRAM Fall Protection

Seneca Tank is a proud partner of TRAM Systems. For more information call us at 515-262-5900 to discuss fall protection for new or existing equipment. Installations are available on tank mounts and tank trailers hauling fuels, lubricants, bulk oils, chemicals, food grade products and more.

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Working at heights is, arguably, one of the most dangerous aspects of any job. This is especially true in the transportation industry where drivers and operators often must climb to the top of a tank or bulk carrier where the work surface can be narrow and confined, trip hazards exist, and challenges such as the weather and human error can lead to potential falls. Regardless of the cause, the outcome could result in severe injury or death. Fortunately, there is a solution that can protect workers from sustaining a fall: the Standfast TRAM Fall Prevention System.

The Total Restraint Access Module – TRAM – is designed to protect workers in all types of environments and offers continued protection throughout the course of a job or task at height, including access and egress from a ladder, where 80% of falls occur. Operation of the TRAM is simple and the secure tethered system allows the operator to move along the walkway and perform necessary checks with ease and confidence.

In addition to the ease of operation, TRAM does not require any scheduled preventive maintenance such as lubrication or adjustment. Installation of TRAM requires as little as six man-hours for a standard system with rail and as little as two man-hours for the Standfast Fixed-Base System, used for side-access single compartment tanks. The system is completely mechanical and does not rely on an external power source, pneumatics or hydraulics, and is therefore not subject to failure due to climate or loss of power.

TRAM is ANSI Rated and both OSHA and MSHA compliant.
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TRAM fall protection