Our 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

Trenten has showcased his commitment to put the needs of the customer

We congratulate Trenten Goode on being awarded the Customer Service Award for 2023!  

Every Quarter, Team ST celebrates the individual who best exemplifies one of Seneca Tank’s core values. As the foundation of our company vision, our core values shape our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Nominated by fellow team members, we aim to better understand how each winner lives by our company’s core values as well as their own. We sit down with our 2023 Customer Service award winner to understand what it means to them to Serve the customer above all else.

Trenten joined Team ST in 2021 and from day one he hasn’t hesitated to take on duties that are outside of his primary, secondary, and alternate responsibilities. This truly shows how he embodies how to Serve the Customer Above All Else.  

Discover how his hard work and dedication has made him quickly become an asset to our team. Whether that is taking customer support calls and assisting in fixing issues or instructing customers through how to operate a system, he has quickly become an asset to our team.  

So, join us in congratulating Trenten Goode for all that he does for Seneca Tank and for always putting the customer first. Thank you, Trenten!