Seneca Tank's 2022 MVP Award Winner Interview

We congratulate Stephanie on being MVP for Seneca Tank for the year 2022!

Stephanie started at Seneca Tank in February 2022, earning this award after only being with our team for a little over six months. This truly shows the kind of dedication and hard work that she puts into her work every single day that she is here.

Discover how Stephanie’s upbeat and friendly attitude has been able to touch everyone, from our customers and suppliers to her fellow employees. Before Steph came on the accounts payable was often in a state of disorder but soon after learning our processes, she was able to quickly get us back on track. Always willing to help others and go that extra mile is why she truly stands out as our MVP.

So, join us in congratulating Stephanie Pepel for all that she does for Seneca Tank and for being one of our most valuable team members. Thank you, Stephanie!