Seneca Tank's 2023 MVP Award Winner

We congratulate Jake on being MVP this year for Seneca Tank!

A hard-working leader who is always willing to help people out, that is what Jake can be described as. He has been an expectational member of our organization ever since joining Seneca Tank in 2017, always being there to help others around him.

Discover how Jake’s positive attitude and expectational work ethic has benefited not only us as a company but set an example for his fellow employees. After being recently promoted to a lead position, having to cover down and juggle four bays and four personnel, he has been able to work hard and get jobs done hours under the projected estimate. He works hard every day, working with integrity, helping when needed and overall is a positive person in whatever he is doing.

Join us in congratulating Jake Warren for all that he does for Seneca Tank and for being one of most valuable players every single day. Thank you, Jake!