Seneca Tank Truck Availability: Meet the Chassis'

We strive to have inventory on the ground. All brands, all makes. Ready to roll.

Learn about the available chassis options for your next ST Unit

Whether you have a truck in your fleet go down, are in need of more capacity due to growth, or anything in between, we strive to have a unit ready to jump into your lineup.  

We have inventory built to meet your needs, as well as many chassis options to not only fulfil your requirements, but also your brand preference.  

Take a look as we walk around 3 of the available options you can select when it's time to spec your next Seneca Tank Unit. The all-new the Western Star 47x, the vocational staple in the Kenworth T880, and the tried-and-true Freightliner 114SD.

All of our featured units are engineered to help you deliver more. Seneca Tank has work ready units that are built around the lowest cost per delivery mindset. We design a completely integrated pumping system from the PTO all the way to your point of delivery. We give you the tools to not only transform your fleet but set a new standard within your market.  

Want to continue to learn more about Seneca Tank inventory and more specs of chassis options? Consult with your truck sales representative to learn more. Call us today at 515-252-5900, or by visiting to learn more about the complete ST Lineup today.

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