ST3500 Tank Truck Product Overview

Upscale your capacity and performance

The ST3500 is Ready to Transform Your Fleet

Whether you’re looking to increase the productivity of your fleet or change the way you deliver products, the ST3500 is the best option for you. This model is a staple within the ST Lineup, featuring a 5 compartment, 3,500-gallon tank that’s built upon a two pumping system platform.

It’s the ideal option for those that are looking to upscale their capacity and performance versus a single axle 2,700-gallon option, while still retaining the same size and maneuverability aspects of the ST2700. Built with the same height profile as the ST2700 means that the ST3500 can still be top loaded at the same racks you currently use to fill your units. It helps to take those same properties and subject them to less stress over its lifetime, leading your business to achieve its Lowest Cost Per Delivery.

With the upgrade to tandem axles, the ST3500 enables you to haul nearly 60% more legal payload. Our best measurement of time savings is talking gallons. That 60% equates to 1,400 more gallons. By moving up to the ST3500, you’re able to haul 1-million gallons in 286 loads. That puts you 191 loads above the pace of what it takes the ST2700 to hit the same number. That increase in productivity provides your business with the opportunity to grow, increase your customer base, and most importantly get your driver home earlier.  

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