Year End Inventory

Seneca Tank has year-end inventory!

Seneca Tank has year-end inventory! We get tons of calls and emails at the end of the year looking for tank trucks. Over the years we have built extra rolling stock units to have available near year end and this year we did the same. We have units built and on the ground, work ready. We have more units building between now and the end of the year that you can have in your possession by January 1st.

We have an amazing team here at Seneca Tank, when COVID hit and incoming orders slowed we made the business decision to keep schedule full, keep our staff working and build more stock units. For our customers this means no lead times on Seneca built Seneca spec’d units.

Check our inventory at or call 515-262-5900 this week to secure a truck on the 2020 calendar!

      Tank truck image for year end inventory