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Operational Benefits of Cummins Power

Take a look at the operational benefits of having Cummins Engines in your fleet and the overall reduced cost of ownership of having an X-12 or X-15 engine in your Seneca Tank Truck. The top three benefits we see are the advanced after treatment solutions, the extensive service network, and attractive warranty options. At Seneca Tank we take a total cost of ownership approach when designing and engineering our units. Our sales process helps us to get you in a truck that will provide you with the lowest delivered cost per gallon. 

Aftertreatment technology 

Cummins’ leading aftertreatment technologies are designed around their proven core technologies. One of those core technologies is the Single Module Aftertreatment System. The Single Module™ is an ultra-high efficiency aftertreatment system. Previously, aftertreatment systems were designed simply to meet emissions requirements. This system however was developed specifically to meet customer needs first, while also meeting emissions standards. The Single Module is designed to be up to 60% smaller and 40% lighter than preceding aftertreatment systems, all while improving emissions reduction performance. 

The benefits: 

Fewer to no unplanned regens, saving your drivers time and keeping your schedule moving according to plan. Whether you track uptime or downtime this really adds up. 

Cummins engines do not use a seventh injector. As the name suggests, some engine systems have an additional common rail injector for fuel-assisted combustion regeneration. This seemed to be a problem point for sensor issues and cat failures. Cummins instead uses the injector in the 3rd cylinder to spray on the exhaust stroke to get the necessary fuel into the exhaust stream to keep the cat at ideal temperatures. This has proven to be robust and reliable without extra equipment. 

Cummins service network and Cummins chassis options

There are 3,500 Cummins locations across that north America. Since Cummins engines are in boats, heavy equipment, generators, even automobiles. There are tons of techs and service centers that are familiar with the Cummins product line, and your driver will not have to rely solely on the dealership family of your chassis. 

Cummins engines are also available across chassis brands. When looking at total cost of ownership within your fleet, you could have multiple chassis brands that all have the same engine, simplifying your service and maintenance processes. 

Cummins warranty 

Being a body builder, Seneca Tank installs tanks and pumping systems on multiple chassis brands, with multiple engine and transmission options. One of the leading indicators for us on the confidence a manufacturer has in their product is how easily and affordable they make their warranty options. We believe Cummins is extremely confident in both the X-12 and X-15 products. 

X-12 packages

  • 5 year, 200K mile - $1550
  • 5 year, 300K mile - $2225

X-15 Efficiency series packages

  • 5 year, 200K mile - $1850
  • 5 year, 300K mile - $2545

X-15 Productivity series packages

  • 5 year, 200K mile - $2950
  • 5 year, 300K mile - $4300 

We highly encourage our customer to purchase warranty packages, especially when it is this affordable. This gives you a fixed price and keeps ownership costs of the vehicle at a minimum. 

Bonus benefit for the X-12: 

The X-12 is a seriously light engine, it comes in at 599lbs. lighter than MX-13, and 526lbs. lighter than DD13. In our line of work lower equipment weights mean more payload and more payload means greater profits! 

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