Easter message

At Seneca Tank we have a long standing tradition of posting an encouraging video during Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. Today it is my pleasure to continue that tradition.

This is probably the Easter we need to celebrate the most. In the midst of every challenge in our path, it is my refreshment daily to know that He is STILL Risen. God’s got this. He’s had this, and he’ll get us through this. The reality is that I typically go through each day assuming tomorrow will occur. The current events have reminded us that today is a gift and it is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring. We need the promises of the God that conquered death now more than ever. Perhaps my favorite part of the Christian faith is knowing that God loves us so much that he doesn’t want to simply save us when we pass, but his salvation exists right here and right now.

He is the “way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper…and he never stops working”, even during these challenging times.

Check out this full Easter Service Video!

All the best,


Easter title slide