September 2023 Inventory Insider

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Seneca Tank's 8 Compartment Bulk Oil Tank Truck

Built to Deliver by Providing Your Business Maximum Versatility for Your Lubricant Needs

Seneca Tank's 8 compartment lube oil tank truck combines all of the leading features from the ST fuel lineup that ensures longevity and reliability even in the most demanding conditions and delivery environments.

Our tank truck platform for bulk lubricants are designed for maximum versatility, allowing you to transport a wide range of lube oils and lubricants efficiently to cater to the needs of any customer within your market.

We take you around for an in-depth look at all of the features our 8 compartment ST4500, and the benefits you can expect to see versus a traditional van-body platform for lubricant delivery.

From 2-3 pumping systems and from any products ranging from motor oil to atf, our 8 compartment ST4500 is ready to transform your business model. Learn all of the details by watching below!


Our 2022 Brand Ambassador Award Winner We congratulate Armond DeFino for Building Customer Confidence in Seneca Tank with Every Touch! Armond has been a remarkable individual within our organization for decades. Someone who has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing Seneca Tank's reputation within our industry. He has embodied our core values and taken them to new heights over his time with Seneca Tank.

Discover how Armond's dedication to honesty, integrity, and leadership has not only benefited Seneca Tank, but also set a shining example for all our employees. Armond has been a beacon of success for Seneca Tank in every aspect. He has been a reliable source of knowledge for every new team member that joins Seneca Tank. Armond has shown us that a strong reputation is more than just a symbol—it's a cornerstone of success. Armond has shown this since 1986, and builds customer confidence in Seneca Tank with every phone call, every interaction, and at every trade show.

Join us in congratulating Armond DeFino for his outstanding contributions to Seneca Tank and for his profound understanding of the value of reputation. Thank you, Armond!

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